Moihack Port-Flooder是一款python写的简单的端口Flooder工具,使用这个工具可以快速测试你网络服务的健壮性和衡量你路由器或服务器的负载能力。Moihack的主要特点:
 •Target's Adress can be in both IPv4 and URL format
 •Manual Port Selection - Test exactly the port(->application) you want
 •Use both TCP/UDP - No matter the protocol you can always flood
 •Smart Re-Creation of socket objects - Not like other port flooders around. Target will have a hard time stopping your flooding
 •Random Packet Creation option available
 •Good Network Load to quickly stress test your network devices
 •Simple command syntax - Easy to use for everyone that run a Python program in the past
This is a simple Port Flooder written in Python 3.2
 Use this tool to quickly stress test your network devices and measure your router's or server's load.